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I've been in the wedding industry in both Hawaii and San Diego for many years. I've been involved with the simplest weddings of two on the beach to huge ballrooms with hefty budgets to match. Whatever the budget, I've seen things and thought wow, that's a fabulous idea, I'd love to keep a record of that. I've also wanted a forum to give couples suggestions on how to do things better or what not to do. I hope you'll be inspired or get some good information.
Please note that I do not receive any compensation from the vendors I feature here.

About the logo: My friend Carl designed my idea perfectly! I took my inspiration from a Japanese hanko or stamp. I incorporated the Japanese character for love which is pronounced "ai," and a play on the "I" in "I do." The "monday morning" comes from the chatter that happens after a busy weekend as well as the start of something new and fresh.

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